Monday, 14 May 2012

2 colour swirl piping

Hi lovely people,

If you saw last week's post you'll know that Meg and I have been playing around with different piping techniques. Last week we showed the "rose" piping technique. This week I want to show you the 2 colour swirl.

We were inspired to give this a whirl after being given the task of creating Tinkerbell cupcakes for a gorgeous 4 year old girl's birthday party (thanks Katie, we absolutely loved doing these).

As you can see in the pic we went with a green and purple 2 colour swirl. We were so thrilled with how these turned out we made a little YouTube tutorial (just for something different). It gives you the basic idea on how to:

  1. Get the two colours into the piping bag (in a simple way)
  2. Gives you a look at the piping technique we use
  3. Shows you what to do if the colours don't quite go in the piping bag how you want them to

Have a looky-see at our tutorial on here:

(Copy and paste this if you have any problems with the link: )

We'd love to hear about your experiences with doing the multi-colour frosting swirl so comment away on here or on the vid, and feel free to post some photos on our facey or to our email:

Once again, peace and love from the 22do kitchen,

Amy xx

p.s. For our recipes and tutorials on the basics see follow the links below:

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