Sunday, 1 April 2012

Easter Cupcakes - Easter bunnies

Hi Cupcakes,

Today I wanted to share with you the second of 22do's Easter tutorials. With less than a week to go until Easter this is a really nice easy Easter themed cupcake you can make with the family or as a gift.

Check out our tutorial:

For your bunnies you'll need:
  • Vanilla cupcakes (check out our YouTube clip if you'd like a recipe):

  • Vanilla frosting (you can colour it pink if you'd like a mixture of bunnies). Tutorial for this:

  • 2 sizes of marshmallows (normal size for cheeks and large for ears)
  • Mini M & Ms (for eyes)
  • Small pink jelly beans (for nose)
  • Small white jelly beans, or white pellet gum (for teeth)
  • Pink coloured sugar for the ear colouring (check out the first video link to see how to do this, its really really easy)


How to:
  1. Prepare your decorations- this will involve cutting your large marshmallows in half diagonally and putting on your pink sugar for ears, and cutting your regular sized marshmallows in half through the middle for cheeks
  2. Spread your frosting on
  3. Apply your cheeks (you can use the marshmallows or some round piped icing)
  4. Then it is as simple as putting on your eyes, nose, teeth and ears

I promise you it is as easy as it sounds, maybe even easier.


Check out the YouTube clip if you don't believe me :)

Happy Easter cupcakes!

Check out our final two Easter tutorials throughout the week. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date.

Peace and love, your Easter bunnies,

Meg & Amy

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